Bobsled racer

March 15, 2011

We invited several clients to come to Park City to participate in a client summit (which ended up being more like a retreat). We had a great time with some great people. Part of the activities was to participate in the Olympic Bobsledding track!

I never knew much about bobsledding, but after signing several waivers and releases, learned that we were about to hit 6G’s down the track!

If you have never experienced multiple G-forces on your body then it will be hard for you to understand that you are not in control of your body – your muscles simply are not strong enough to control your limbs (head included).

My helmet kept banging into the side of the cart, my eye lids could barley stay open, and my torso kept getting crunched to my knees.

It was an awesome experience and gave me much more respect for the Olympic sport.

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