Jimmer in our house

February 25, 2011

While I have been a major Jimmer fan for a few years now, my wife and kids are all about him this year. My boys will chant “Jimmer Fredette, nothing but net” all the time. Another favorite is, “Even Superman sleeps in a, what?, Jimmer Jersey!’ Both of those lines are curteosy of “Teach me how to Jimmer.”

We’ve attended several games as a family, and when tickets were hard to come by for the SDSU game, I was able to get one, on the 14 row, for only $18. It proved to be a never-forget-this-night performance by Jimmer, who ended with 43 points and a big win over the #4 ranked Aztecs.

When I was in McDonalds one night with my kids, there was a life-sized cutout of Paul Milsap in his Jazz uniform holding a basketball. My three-year-old was staring up at the poster for some time, then, in a loud voice says “JIMMER FREDETTE” while staring at the Paul Milsap Poster. Several people in lined laughed, and I was a proud father :)

You can find almost anything you want about Jimmer here

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